Our Philosophy

To put things in perspective, coffee is the second-largest commodity in the world. As such, all activities surrounding coffee represent an enormous opportunity to have a positive impact on both people and our planet.

Conventional coffee is treated with synthetic fertilizers, pesticides, insecticides.. unfortunately the list goes on and on. These chemicals are damaging not only to the people growing, processing and consuming this coffee, but also to our environment. Conventional coffee farms emit more carbon, contaminate local water supplies and kill off countless species. These farming methods often do not allow the land sufficient time to detoxify itself without the aid of genetically modified organisms (GMOs). Organic coffee has a very different story and impact. 

Earth Bean Coffee represents a lifestyle. We are a small-batch roaster committed to providing 100% Organic and Fair Trade coffees. We want to provide people with coffee that they can feel good about. Our organic coffees are selected for their purity, fair-trade farming practices and delicious tasting notes.