Our Philosophy

We are an eco-friendly roaster in Los Angeles committed to providing only certified Organic and Fair Trade Certified™ coffees. We want to provide people with coffee that they can feel good about. At Earth Bean Coffee, we select our beans for their purity, fair- trade farming practices and delicious tasting notes.

Our Commitment to Organic

When we started Earth Bean Coffee, we saw an enormous opportunity to make a positive impact. As the second largest commodity, the impact coffee has on both people and our planet is massive.

Conventional coffee is one of the most highly sprayed crops in the world. Many of the chemicals used to grow coffee are deemed toxic and are banned in several countries. These chemicals have a detrimental effect not only on the people growing, processing and consuming the coffee, but also on our environment.

Organic coffee is grown using natural fertilizers and toxic-free farming practices. We are committed to only sourcing and roasting organic coffee. Organic coffee tastes better, is better for you & better for our planet!

We're a USDA certified organic coffee roaster by Organic Certifiers. Please contact us if you require a copy of our certificate. 

Our Commitment to Fair Trade

In addition to being organic, we only source Fair Trade Certified™ coffee beans. Fair Trade is a global trade model and certification allows shoppers to quickly identify products that were produced in an ethical manner.

For consumers, Fair Trade offers a powerful way to reduce poverty through their everyday shopping. For farmers and workers in developing countries, Fair Trade offers better prices, improved terms of trade, and the business skills necessary to produce high-quality products that can compete in the global marketplace.

 Our Commitment to the Environment 

As an eco-friendly company, we make every effort to reduce, reuse & recycle.

🌿 Our coffee bags are made of compostable materials. 

🌿 We use glass bottles for our bottled cold brew coffee.

🌿 All of the disposables we use to serve to-go coffee, in our café and at events, are made from plants, not petroleum. The straws we use are made out of agave and decompose naturally within 100 days post-use. 

🌿 We compost everything at our shop & roasting facility. 

🌿 For every order we receive, we plant a tree through our partnership with 501(c)3 non-profit One Tree Planted. We acknowledge that the coffee industry contributes to deforestation, but by planting a tree for every order we become part of the solution.

Our Coffee

We continually search the world for the finest specialty grade organic and fair trade certified™ coffee available.

At our roasting facility in Los Angeles we roast daily in small batches to ensure our clients always receive fresh beans. Our roast profiles are designed to highlight and compliment the unique tasting notes of each coffee.